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 Activity Contents


We define "interdisciplinary orthodontics" as a new dental specialty and aim to establish the world's leading academic consensus in this field by adding orthodontist and other specialties of the dentist.



1 ) To plan a place where you can discuss with the clinicians in related fields in the world, And provide  a place where orthodontist, general dentists, and other specialists can share knowledge.

2 ) We Organize a clinical research group by IOS Central member, to accelerate clinical research.

Launch History

◆ Roots of IOS

 The origin of IOS is  “Azabukai,” which was the dental study club established by Dr. Watahiki in 2008.

◆ About IOS Central Member

 To pursue interdisciplinary orthodontics advocated by Watahiki, one of the ultimate forms of clinical dentistry, together with general dentists, orthodontist, and specialists in other fields who can heartily sympathize with the clinical view, in February 2019, we formed IOS Central Member, which is the executive department and research group of IOS.

◆ Define “Included orthodontic treatment” as a new specialized field

 We define “Interdisciplinary Orthodontics” as a new dental specialty. And it is not a conventional comprehensive dental treatment that simply adds various dental fields (periodontal regeneration, prosthodontic, implant, endo, pediatric dental field) to orthodontic treatment, but optimization of each field and orthodontics with every synergistic effect.

◆ About Future Activity

We are recruiting general members from  2021, and plan to hold a commemorative meeting for the establishment of IOS on January 17th, 2021 at Tokyo Nihombashi.

In addition, the activities of IOS are not limited to the exchange of opinions of clinicians in the same field in Japan, but also include clinical research and conference presentations overseas, and active knowledge exchange and joint research with overseas clinicians. We will actively promote global activities that are different from previous study groups.

How to join

We are recruiting general members from  2021

Participation requirements

Coming soon

Participation fee

Admission fee ¥10,000-

Annual fee     ¥35,000-