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IOS Public

Academic meeting where general dentists, orthodontists, other specialists, and dental workers who want to learn comprehensive orthodontic treatment in Japan and abroad are in one place.

IOS Central

Management execution executive department who strongly sympathizes with the clinical view of representative Watahiki and supports the activities of IOS and Teeth Alignment Global overall.

Teeth Alignment The Specialist

A study group for orthodontic specialists, established by Watahiki from 2009, with the aim of fostering specialists who have higher expertise and knowledge as orthodontist, and  lead orthodontics.

Teeth Alignment Institute

Various workshops co-sponsored by IOS and Teeth Alignment.

Special Partner: Forest One, Inc. SHOFU INC. EMS(Swiss)  (as of 2019)


Teeth Alignment Innovation Center

Research team aiming at clinical research and development of innovative clinical technology.

Teeth Alignment Brain

Remote clinical Orthodontics support service using digital technology and AI technology  supported by members of Teeth Alignment The Specialist.