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Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Society (IOS) 


     In recent years, orthodontic treatment has become a necessary treatment for interdisciplinary dental treatment, and the presence of orthodontics is rapidly increasing.

However, scientific papers have not been well reported worldwide on how to combine orthodontics with endodontics,  periodontics, prosthodontics, and others.

  On the other hand, it has also been suggested that each optimized specialty field with orthodontics may enhance the efficacy of each other treatment. 


Therefore, in IOS, this field is defined as “interdisciplinary orthodontics ” as a new dental specialty field, and we aim to host an academic conference and make the clinical consensus of this field as a world leader.



IOS launch event decided!
"First International Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Meeting"

Early registration will start in February 2020.
Details of the application will be announced later.